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Policy Board Agendas - Minutes     
Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Metropolitan Planning Organization
policy board MEETING
Wednesday, January 9 2013
Sunset Building
Policy Board Members Attending: Hal Brauner, Amy Ramsdell and Linda Modrell
Policy Board Members Absent:  Rocky Sloan and Bill Currier
Policy Board Alternates Attending: Valerie Grigg-Devis
Staff Attending:  Ali Bonakdar, Theresa Conley, Jackie Mikalonis and Emma Chavez
I.  Meeting called to order by Chair Linda Modrell at 5:10 pm It was suggested that what the decision items be provisionally approved and be brought back to the next meeting. There was no Quorum
II.  Agenda Review   No changes were made to the agenda.
III.  Public Comments   There were no public comments.
IV.  Minutes of December 12th, 2012 MPO Policy Board   Consensus to provisionally approve the December 9th, 2012 MPO Policy Board meeting minutes.
V.  Election of Officers   Consensus to provisionally elect Hal Brauner as the Chair and Rocky Sloan as the Vice Chair
VI.  Regional Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Coordination   Due to lack of quorum; the Regional Transportation demand Management (TDM) Coordination presentation was rescheduled for the next Poly Board meeting date.
VII.  Updates a) Directorís Report:
1. Distribution of PL Fund
Following discussion among the MPOs on a future PL funding formula, ODOT submitted a funding distribution proposal to MPOs on December 12th. Commissioner Modrell and Councilor Hal Brauner reviewed the proposal and concluded that although CAMPOís preference would be to leave the PL funding formula as is; in its absence, ODOTís proposal was acceptable. The proposal, however, is not yet final. ODOT continues to review the comments received and is analyzing the issue of how the OMPOC director position will be funded.
The Albany MPO and CAMPO agree to accept ODOTís proposal solely on the distribution of PL Funds but would prefer to deal separately with the issue of funding an OMPOC director.
2. Scenario Planning
The State of Oregon is encouraging and providing support to MPOs for scenario planning. Ali has been in discussion with ODT and DCLD. Ali also has discussed the issue with Commissioner Modrell and Councilor Brauner. As a result, a meeting has been arranged for CAMPO area jurisdictions and representatives ODOT and DLCD to discuss the possibility of Scenario Planning in this area.
3. Oregon Passenger Rail
ODOT launched an environmental study on ways to improve intercity passenger rail service between Eugene and Portland. The study will help identify a passenger rail route and evaluate options for train frequency, trip time, and improving on-time performance. The study will look into the options of utilizing a current rail road track, a combination of tracks or a non-existing track. A leadership council, chaired by Kitty Piercy, guides the project and develops consensus based on recommendations. The council is composed mostly of elected officials from the Willamette Valley. Once a decision is made; the council will advise the Governor and OTC on a preferred alignment. Ali informed members that he has submitted technical comments on the evaluation criteria on behalf of the MPO. We basically want the City of Corvallis be included in the study.
The project is undergoing a series of public involvement. The next most convenient meeting for CAMPO members to attend will be held January 16th from 5:00 to 7:00 pm at the Main Albany Public Library, 2450 14th Ave SE Albany.
The Leadership Councilís next meeting is on January 31st from 1:00 to 4:00 pm at the Salem Conference Center, 200 Commercial Street SE.
4. Work Program UPWP 13-14
Staff is currently preparing a draft of the UPWP13-14 Work Program.  CAMPO jurisdictions were asked to submit any planning tasks they wish to be included in the next Program.
5. Project Prioritization
The City of Corvallis submitted three applications for the residual Transportation Enhancement and Bike & Ped Program funds. ODOT needs us to prioritize these projects. Although Benton County submitted an application for a project in North Albany, no other CAMPO jurisdiction submitted applications for projects in the CAMPO area. The City of Corvallis will present a prioritized list to CAMPO.
b) Jurisdictional Reports
City of Corvallis is working on a traffic signal at 26th and Western Blvd. They should be fully operational by end of January. Right after the pedestrian signal on 9th Street was placed, there was an accident and now the signal is being fixed. Received grant for Safe Routes to School but struggling to get match. At the time the application was submitted a match was not required but MAP-21 now requires a $30,000 match. On the Corvallis - Albany trail project, the City ran into an issue with the railroad on how to do the crossing at their intersection. The City will be working on a (downtown) 2nd Street grind inlay project this summer.
Hal reported that there are issues with the Linn-Benton Loop which CAMPO needs to be aware of. There was a proposal that split the cost 50/50 between the two colleges and the jurisdictions (with the Albany MPO and CAMPO splitting their half 50/50 as well). Governance of the Loop service needs to be discussed. Councilor Halís recommendation for governance is for a joint committee/subcommittee of both MPOs. The role of the existing committee needs to be revisited.
ODOT reports that they have hired Jay Cadwell for the Regional Solutions Center. The center serves Linn, Lane, Benton and Lincoln Counties.  ODOT will be going to the next OTC meeting to discuss the Pioneer Mountain Eddyville project since a decision was not made at the December meeting. NW Natural Gas continues the gas line upgrades. Gearing up for construction season and looking to hire inspectors.
Valerie reported that the first MPO TAC workshop for updating the CAMPO Travel Demand Model was held on Monday the 7th. The model is being updated with the new 2010 Census data. The CAMPO model update will allow for the integration with the CALM Model. CALM is a regional model developed covering the Corvallis Area MPO, Albany MPO and Lebanon.
Benton County.  Commissioner Modrell reported that she serves on a statewide planning committee for the development of a State of Oregon Railroad Plan.
VIII. Adjourn Meeting adjourned at 6:00 pm.  

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