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Policy Board Agendas - Minutes     
Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Metropolitan Planning Organization
policy board MEETING
Wednesday, February 13th, 2013
Sunset Building
Policy Board Members Attending: Rocky Sloan, Bill Currier, Hal Brauner and Amy Ramsdell
Policy Board Members Absent:  Linda Modrell
Policy Board Alternates Attending: Valerie Grigg-Devis
Staff Attending:  Ali Bonakdar, Theresa Conley, Jackie Mikalonis and Emma Chavez
I.  Meeting called to order by Chair Hal Brauner at 5:04 pm    
II.  Agenda Review   No changes were made to the agenda.
III.  Public Comments   There were no public comments.
IV.  Minutes of January 9th, 2013 MPO Policy Board   Consensus to approve the January 9th, 2013 MPO Policy Board meeting minutes.
V.  Consent Agenda Due to lack of quorum at it’s January meeting; the Policy Board provisionally approved the following items:
1. Minutes of December 12th, 2012 meeting
2. Election of Officers
  • Hal Brauner as the Chair and Rocky Sloan as Vice Chair of the MPO Policy Board
The Policy Board was asked to complete approval of both items.
Consensus to approve both the minutes of December 12th, 2012 meeting and to elect Hal Brauner as the Chair and Rocky Sloan as the Vice Chair
VI.  Scenario Planning On January 30th, 2013 CAMPO held a meeting on Scenario Planning. Lynn Peterson, Special Transportation Advisor to the Governor, Amanda Pietz, ODOT Planning Unit Manager and Bob Cortright, Land Use-Transportation Planning Specialist from DLCD attended the meeting. Lynn Peterson talked about the State of Oregon policies and what the state is trying to accomplish. Bob and Amanda had a presentation which reviewed the efforts that ODOT, DLCD and the legislation have done thus far. They explained what Scenario Planning is, that the State will provide assistance in the process and how Scenario Planning can help paint a picture of the future in our area. At the meeting, Theresa Conley also presented information on the tools that can be used with Scenario Planning. Hal reported that members who attended the Scenario Planning meeting agreed that it’s a good concept to explore but more details are needed in order to commit.
The meeting was attended by the community officials. Per the conclusion of the Scenario Planning meeting on January 30th, 2013 the Policy Board is requested to endorse proceeding with the State for the development of the details of the “first steps” in Scenario Planning. The details and the scope of work will eventually require development of an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) with the State.
The Board requested that the IGA and Scope of Work be brought back to the Policy Board for discussion before finalization.
Consensus from the Policy Board for CAMPO to move ahead to engage in the development of a scope of work for the conduct of “first steps” in Scenario Planning.
CAMPO staff to bring the Scope of Work and IGA for the Policy Board review.
VII.  Draft FY14 Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) Members received a Draft FY14 UPWP. Ali noted that the document is developed with planning activities that member jurisdictions want CAMPO to perform. The City of Corvallis provided input that has been incorporated. The draft will also be reviewed by representatives of Federal Highway Administration, Federal Transit Administration and ODOT on February 26th. Ali reviewed the draft UPWP with members.
Items to note:
  • There are tasks that have begun in this current year and will be completed in next year.
  • Budget assumptions are based on latest numbers from ODOT
  • Policy Board elected to keep the previous planning area which included the city of Adair Village and add the area gained by the 2010 Census.
  • Due to the new formula for distributing PL funds CAMPO lost $40,000 compared to last year
  • CAMPO has tapped out its carryover and with the loss of $40,000, CAMPO cannot afford Theresa at ¾ time therefore her time with CAMPO will be reduced
The Policy Board was requested to provide input on the Draft FY14 UPWP.  Input included:
  • Mary Steckel asked who will take care of engineering design needs and who will pay for it. Ali reported that CAMPO would need to look at the effort needed in order to make a decision. There is limited engineering assistance available through the jurisdictions therefore if the needs are greater than what is available; someone would need to be hired. 
  • That Task 300, Item 320 be broadened to ‘Evaluate and select the most feasible site(s)” for a potential transit hub in the OSU campus
  • A request that the OSU-City Collaboration effort be described under “Other Transportation Planning Activities in the MPO Area”
The FY14 UPWP will be brought back to the Policy Board for approval.
VIII. Amendment to the FY12-15 TIP During FY11, Benton County made improvements to Arnold Avenue; however, the project at its current status does not meet the requirements of Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) for sidewalks and sidewalk ramps. Benton County is requesting $60K of the MPO’s STP fund to complete a surface improvement and sidewalk project on Arnold Avenue. This project in not currently in FY12-15 TIP.
The Policy Board was requested to approve amending the FY12-15 CAMPO’s Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) by allocating $60K of STP fund for the completion of work on Arnold Avenue in the City of Adair Village.
Councilor Brauner was assured that this approval will not push back the implementation of already programmed projects.
Consensus from the MPO Policy Board to approve amending the FY12-15 CAMPO’s Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) by allocating $60K of STP fund for the completion of work on Arnold Avenue in the City of Adair Village.
IX.  Updates a) Distribution of PL Funds
This was discussed during the FY14 UPWP agenda item.
ODOT has stepped in and allocated the PL fund among the MPOs in a more equitable manner.
b) Jurisdictional Updates
City of Corvallis
  • Moving forward with street reconstruction on 10th and Grant, which will include the traffic circle and replacement with an improved traffic circle. Moving forward with designs that include and don’t include the traffic circle.
  • Some discussions occurring at OSU in regards to Washington Way and 15th, where OSU is thinking of building a dormitory. Problem is connectivity. They are currently in discussions with the railroad company. The Collaboration group is looking at HUB and GIS projects. Hoping to have it in place before next school year.
Benton County. 
  • The County is moving forward with its Roundabout Task Force. The first meeting will occur in mid-March. Its objective is to hold two to three meetings in the next couple of months then take the information received to the Council.
  • The County is 80% finished with its design for the rest of West Hills. Hoping to get to construction in April.
  • Working on scoping projects. Need to identify people who could be part of scoping team. ODOT has seen many changes with MAP21. They will begin working with local jurisdictions on safety issues such as fatal and injury A crash locations.
X.  Adjourn Meeting adjourned at 6:15 pm.  

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