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Technical Advisory Committee Agendas - Minutes     
Friday, January 25, 2013

Corvallis Area Metropolitan Planning Organization
Technical advisory Committee Meeting
January 25th 2013, 3:00 pm
Sunset Room
TAC Members Attending:  Valerie Grigg-Devis, Barry Hoffman, Roger Irvin, Robyn Bassett and Drew Foster
TAC Members Absent:  Randy Kugler                                             
Staff:  Ali Bonakdar, Theresa Conley and Emma Chavez
I.  Meeting called to order at 8:30 am    
II.  Agenda Review   Added two agenda items:
Review of STP Balance
Loop Funding
III.  Minutes of January 7, 2013 Meeting   January 7h meeting minutes approved by consensus
IV.  Updating of the Corvallis Area MPO Travel Demand Model This meeting is the first work session following the TPAU presentation on the CAMPO Travel Demand Model on January 7th. Ali briefed members on the task, advising that the Transportation Demand Model is a planning tool that can predict deficiencies in the future. TAC members reviewed maps showing the TPAUís household and employment data assigned to each Transportation Analysis Zone (TAZ).
Members first focused on the household numbers assigned to each TAZ, and raised the following issues:
  • Some household numbers do not appear to be accurate. 
  • How will household numbers be projected in future years?
  • Where did TPAU acquire its residential construction data?
  • How was the census data for the TAZs allocated?
  • Do the TAZ boundaries coincide with Census Block Groups or Tracts?
  • How will TPAU project out new housing for OSU students and new group quarters?
Members agreed that the household data for 2010 showed inaccurate declines in households for many TAZs and that it would be best for the maps to be based on 2000 and 2010 building records. Benton County GIS staff will look into this. There was concern that these inaccuracies will be projected into future years.
Valerie Grigg-Davis put a call in to Sam Ayash; ODOT TPAU, during the meeting. Sam informed the group that a combination of ACS and County tax lot data was used for pulling the results. TAZ boundaries have not changed from the previous model and building data came from County tax lot information. Sam asked the group to circle any areas where there was a question on population change.
Next, members focused on Employment numbers. Members agreed that all employment numbers seems reasonable.  Technical questions included:
  • Confirmation that the maps should illustrate 2010 as the base year.
  • How will changes between 2010 and today be accounted for in the model?
Members will continue work on TAZ numbers
V. STP Funds and Linn Benton Loop Discussion STP Funds
A nine month discussion between ODOT and CAMPO on a discrepancy of STP dollars concluded with ODOT finding of $335,000 for CAMPO. When CAMPO prioritized its candidate projects to use STP dollars, CAMPO came up with a list of nine projects. The committee reviewed the prioritized list to determine how those STP funds may be allocated.
Roger Irvin advised the committee that when the overlay work in Adair Village was done ADA ramps where not placed; however law requires for ADA ramps to be constructed in order to bring the street up to standard. The County would like to use STP funds to complete the project by constructing ADA ramps. The County is hoping to complete the project during the summer of 2013.
Linn Benton Loop Discussion
Based on Hal Braunerís report at the Policy Board meeting, there was a proposal that split the cost 50/50 between the two colleges and the jurisdictions. The jurisdictions then need to split their half among themselves. The Governance of the Linn-Benton Loop service will need to be discussed. Councilor Braunerís recommendation for governance was going to be for a joint committee or subcommittee of both MPOs.
Per Barry Hoffman, the colleges could not come up with the funds requested therefore funding distribution will continue to be worked on. Barry spoke of another possible scenario in which the current committee will remain as an Advisory Committee to the Steering Committee.
The Technical Advisory Committee recommended the continuation/completion of the counties project to be taken to the Policy Board for approval of funding.
VI.  Updates Benton County
The Board of Commissioners has assigned a Task Force to review the proposed construction of a roundabout at West Hills Rd and 53rd.  As a separate project, construction of bike lanes along West Hills Road will occur this summer. The County does not see major issues with closing traffic to complete the project. The County is proceeding with the design at the rail road crossing at 53rd.
City of Corvallis
The City of Corvallis is engaged in discussions with OSU through the OSU-City Collaboration Committee over the traffic and parking issues.
The City of Corvallis will be reconstructing the traffic circle at 10th & Grant, with public input helping to determine whether the circle is rebuilt or replaced with a 4-way stop. A bid will go out this spring to be built in the summer. Having issues with Safe Routes to School at this time as the project requires a local match now.
City of Albany
Visited with FTA and are awaiting for the formation of the Albany Area MPO which seems to be moving along smoothly.
Staying focused on modeling efforts. Having issues with scoping of the Philomath Blvd. Study. Getting clarifications then will be finalizing scope.
Roger reiterated the importance of completing the Philomath Blvd. Study.
City of Adair Village
Working to complete sidewalks with ADA ramps.
CAMPO will be holding a Scenario Planning meeting on January 30th. Lynn Peterson, Special Advisor to the Governor, Bob Cortright of DLCD and Amanda Pietz of ODOT will be at the meeting. Everyone is welcome to attend.
VII.  Adjourn Meeting adjourned at 11:00 am.

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