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Technical Advisory Committee Agendas - Minutes     
Friday, March 22, 2013

Corvallis Area Metropolitan Planning Organization
Technical advisory Committee Meeting
March 22nd, 2013 - 8:30 am
Sunset Building
TAC Members Attending:  Roger Irvin, Valerie Grigg-Devis, and Robyn Bassett
TAC Members Absent:  Barry Hoffman, Drew Foster and Randy Kugler
Staff:  Ali Bonakdar, Theresa Conley and Emma Chavez                                                                  
I.  Meeting called to order at 8:35 am   There was no quorum present
II.  Agenda Review   There was no addition or deletion
III.  Minutes of February 22nd, 2013 Meeting   A quorum was not met therefore the February 22nd, 2013 minutes will be brought back to the next meeting.
IV.  Update on the Transportation Model Update MPO Jurisdictions’ staff has been updating the household and employment numbers.  All of the corrections were sent to TPAU staff. Six updates were recommended for the Household numbers. Census block errors and miss counts on manufactured homes caused errors in the original numbers. Benton County and the City of Corvallis were the only entities that redistributed the Employee counts.
Staff requested a handful of special generators for the Osborn Aquatic Center, Boys and Girls Club, Good Samaritan Services, Corvallis Clinic, Corvallis Public Works, Keizer Island, Green and White, Timberhill Athletics Club, La Sells and the OSU Football Stadium.
Robyn informed the group that Bruce found incorrectly classified roadways in all local planning documents. Members discussed the possibility of doing an RTP amendment to correct those errors once MPO staff receives the final corrections from Bruce. The corrections would also need to be incorporated into the model. Valerie suggested for CAMPO staff to follow up with the City of Philomath on any additional corrections to the 2010 model.  
Additional next steps for the model are to focus on 2040. All categories of 2010 will need to be updated for 2040 projections. Members agreed to host another TAC work session to commence the 2040 update process with specific instructions from TPAU. It was requested that other planning staff and stakeholders be invited to that work session.
V. Report on the Status of OSU Model Valerie reported that OSU has a transportation model.  In the OSU’s model, each building on campus is a TAZ. It includes the internal circulation system within the campus, parking lots and some of the external city streets. The model was developed when the campus master plan was prepared in 2006. Its horizon year is 2015. OSU will soon begin working on updating their model.
Lane Counties COG model is called a University Model, which is a proto type that is being tested at the Eugene Campus. The university model is a sub-model of the larger system models that we develop. The university model is specific to how universities behave. It was suggested that OSU move to the university model so that there could be one overall model. The OSU prefers to keep the existing model because it is tied to the improvements the campus is required to make when they develop.
Valerie suggested that CAMPO invite OSU modelers to an upcoming meeting once their update is under way.
VI.  Updates Jurisdictional Updates:
Benton County
  • A good solution has been discussed for the Linn-Benton Loop funding. Robyn wondered if any financial planning efforts for the Loop are under way stating that there is concern that the City of Corvallis may not have funding for the loop in the future. Valerie and Roger informed the group that the Loop is currently working on a management system.
  • West Hills project is on track for construction in July, 2013.
  • The Roundabout has a Task Force that was appointed by the board last month. Its first meeting is coming up in April, 2013. The Task Force was established to advice on the public comments and the design elements of the roundabout.
City of Corvallis
  • Received funding for three pedestrian crossings at 9th and Sequoya, 9th and Cornell and Walnut between 13th and Garryanna. Total for the project is $293 thousand. The City of Corvallis will be matching with approximately $33 thousand.
  • Grind Inlay at 2nd street from Van Buren to Adams. Will be redesigning parking efforts on 2nd Street.  
  • Traffic Circle. A public meeting was held on Tuesday. A survey went out to the neighborhood. The meeting was attended by 18 people.
  • Working on getting the Comprehensive Plan updated.
  • There is a potential for the City of Corvallis to have the high speed rail stop in town.
  • Held first Albany Area MPO Policy Board meeting this week.
  • Hoping to have the Hwy. 20-34 Philomath Boulevard Facility Plan under contract and moving ahead soon.
VIII.  Adjourn Meeting adjourned at 11:00 am.  

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