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What is an MPO?

Q: What is an MPO?

A: A Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is an association of local governments in areas with a collective population of 50,000 or more. Per US Code, Title 23,  MPOs are in charge of transportation planning and programming for their Urbanized Areas.

Major responsibilities of the MPOs are:
1) Development of a long range transportation plan (20 Years) for the Urbanized Area;
2) Development of a 3-year Transportation Improvement Program, and;
3) Development of a Unified Planning Work Program. These documents are developed in cooperation with the State Department of Transportation and consistent with the adopted goals of the community.

Currently there are eight MPOs in the State of Oregon, as designated by the Govenor.  These inlcude MPOs representing the Portland Metro area, Eugene-Springfield, Salem-Keizer, Medford, Corvallis and Bend.  There are also two new MPOs in the Albany and Grants Pass metro areas, which were established following the 2010 Census. 

Two Oregon cities are also part of bi-state MPOs based in Washington;  these cities are Rainier (part of the Kelso-Longview MPO) and Walla Walla (part of the Walla Walla Valley MPO).

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