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Transportation Safety Plan - CAMPO Begins Work on Comprehensive Safety Plan

SRTS Group
Safety is important for all modes.
The CAMPO Area Transportation Safety Plan will identify transportation safety concerns for all modes of transportation in the CAMPO area and to identify mitigation measures for those concerns.  The geographic scope of this project includes the entire Corvallis Urbanized Area, which is composed of the cities of Corvallis, Philomath and Adair Village along with all land within their respective urban growth boundaries and adjacent densely populated areas of Benton County.
This effort will have a strong emphasis on roadway crash data analysis with additional information gathered from ODOT, local jurisdictions and local transportation advisory groups to more fully address all modes of transportation.  Public participation will play an important role in gathering information about safety concerns which may not be fully reflected in the data.

To learn more about the Safety Plan effort and how to participate, go to the Safety Plan webpage