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Meeting Accessibility

All CAMPO meetings are held in ADA accessible locations.  With 24 hours advance notice, accommodations can also made to make meetings accessible to those who are hearing impaired or have limited English proficiency.

For hearing-impaired individuals or non-English-speaking attendees wishing to arrange for a sign language or foreign language interpreter, please call or fax Oregon Cascades West Council of Governments at 541-967-8551 or TTD (541) 924-8402   Fax: 541-758-3127

Para individuos de oye-dañó o asistentes no-parlantes de inglés que desea arreglar para un lenguaje por señas o intérprete extranjero de idioma, por favor llamada o fax Oregon Caen en cascada el Concilio Occidental de Gobiernos en 541-967-8551 o TTD (541) 924-8402 Fax: 541-758-3127