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Special Planning Efforts


The Corvallis Area MPO has initiated several special planning efforts in recent years, including the development of a 9th Street Improvement Plan, a bicyclist safety education campaign, initiating the conversation about scenario planning in the CAMPO area, and the development of a CAMPO Area Transportation Safety Plan for all modes of transportation.  Below are links to each of these efforts.

9th Street Improvement Plan: CAMPO worked with the City of Corvallis and a project advisory committee to develop an improvement plan for a one of the busiest commercial areas in Corvallis. The Plan was accepted by the Corvallis City Council in March 2010. 

Bicyclist Safety: CAMPO is working with local bicycling advocacy groups to implement a bicyclist safety education program, with special emphasis on adult riders and incoming OSU students.

Scenario Planning & Sustainability: CAMPO is involved in a statewide effort to reduce greenhouse gases from transportation and plans to incorporate additional sustainability goals into the RTP. These goals will address promotion of renewable energy, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and lowering GHGs from transportation.

Transportation Safety Plan: This planning effort will identify transportation safety concerns for all modes of transportation in the CAMPO area and to identify mitigation measures for those concerns.  This effort will have a strong emphasis on roadway crash data analysis with additional information gathered from ODOT, local jurisdictions and local transportation advisory groups to more fully address all modes of transportation.  Public participation play a key role in identifying safety concerns that may not be fully reflected in the data.