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9th Street Improvement Plan

The Corvallis Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO) completed an improvement plan for 9th Street, between Polk Avenue and Elks Drive, with the assistance of a Transportation Growth Management (TGM) grant. The primary purpose of this project was to develop strategies to improve movement of vehicles, pedestrians, bicyclists, and buses along 9th Street. Strategies for the improvement of 9th Street include access management, Transportation System Management and transportation operation improvements.

The project was guided by a Project Advisory Committee (PAC) made up of representatives from the Corvallis City Council, 9th Street business owners, neighborhood organizations, transportation and land use officials, and a representative of the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT).  Extensive input was also gathered from the general public, business owners and property owners along 9th Street.

The 9th Street Improvement Plan was accepted by the Corvallis City Council on March 15th, 2010.

Members of the Project Committee included:

 Hal Brauner   Corvallis City Council, Ward No. 9
 David Helton                          Transportation Growth Management Program, ODOT
 Randy Jones                          Owner, Randy Jones Chevrolet
 Kelley Kaiser                         CEO, Samaritan Health Plans
 Jim Mitchell                            Transportation Division Manager, Corvallis Public Works Department
 Frank Mauldin (Ex Officio)    Civic Beautification and Urban Forestry (CBUF)  
 Steve Rogers                           Director, Corvallis Public Works Department
 Fred Towne                            Planning Division Manager, City of Corvallis
 Stewart Wershow                   Corvallis City Council, Ward No.6
 Scott Wilson                           Transportation Planner, Cascades West Council of Governments


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