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Corvallis Area Regional Transportation Plan Update

Project Overview

The Corvallis Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO) has launched the updating of the region’s metropolitan transportation plan.  The purpose of the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) is to develop strategies and outline a path to help the Corvallis Metropolitan Area achieve its vision and goals for a future transportation system. The plan will guide future infrastructure developments to closely align with the lifestyle and the values of the community. It outlines the area’s transportation priority projects and policies and provides a blueprint for orderly allocation of scarce financial resources. Additionally, it serves as the requisite document for the flow of federal funds to the area.

Metropolitan Transportation Planning Process regulations require Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) to update their long range transportation plan every five years. The Corvallis Area Metropolitan Transportation Plan was adopted in August 2006 by the CAMPO Policy Board. The first update to the Regional Transportation Plan was adopted in March 2012.  The Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) is currently being updated.

Draft Regional Transportation Plan is ready for review

Public Involvement

Engaging the citizens CAMPO serves is important to the Regional Transportation Plan update process. The project includes a public involvement program to ensure that the plan is informed by the needs and issues important to the public. There are a variety of ways that you can participate in the updating of the RTP. You can:
1.    Provide comments on this page;
2.    Send an email to CAMPO’s Director;
3.    Send a comment letter to CAMPO’s Office at 301 SW 4th Street, Corvallis, OR 97333;
4.    Attend any of the Open House events; or
5.    Attend the meetings of the Project Advisory Committee (PAC) or the Policy Board.

Decision Making Process

CAMPO’s Policy Board is the ultimate decision making entity for the approval of the RTP. Input provided by the public will be funneled into the PAC, TAC and Policy Board. Comments provided by the PAC will be presented to the TAC and the Policy Board. The TAC’s technical input will be discussed with the PAC and the Policy Board. The TAC will make recommendations to the Policy Board.  (Include PDF to download)



RTP Project Advisory Committee (PAC)
The PAC includes CAMPO’s existing Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) with additional representation from local, state and federal agencies and Oregon State University. The PAC provides a community perspective to the process of developing the CAMPO RTP update. The committee’s feedback will be communicated with the TAC and the Policy Board. All meetings will be open to the public and include a public comment period. The Committee will meet at least seven times during this effort to provide feedback into the process. The PAC will:

Tell us what you think
Visit the CAMPO online comment form to give us feedback on this project.

Materials and Related Links

It is a goal of CAMPO to provide for maximum public participation in its transportation planning activities. The Bulletin Board below is one of the many means of providing input into the updating of the Regional Transportation Plan. Please note that your comments are considered public input and are displayed to others. 

We are currently accepting comments on the Draft Regional Transportation Plan (RTP)



PDF -   2006 CAMPO RTP FINAL.PDFSpacer(1952.9KB)

PDF -   CALM BROCHURE 2016.PDFSpacer(664.8KB)

PDF -   CAMPO RTP 2035 - APPENDICES.PDFSpacer(1029.4KB)

PDF -   CAMPO RTP 2035 - MAPS.PDFSpacer(21787.3KB)

PDF -   CAMPO RTP 2035.PDFSpacer(2247.2KB)



Please review and comment on the RTP Regional Goals and Objectives by Wednesday, October 12.

Special Public Involvement Plan for Updating of the Regional Transportation Plan