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Corvallis Area Regional Transportation Plan Update

Project Overview

The purpose of the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) is to develop strategies and outline a path to help the Corvallis Metropolitan Area achieve goals for a future transportation system. The plan guides future infrastructure developments to align with the lifestyle and the values of the community. It outlines the area’s transportation priority projects and policies and provides a blueprint for orderly allocation of scarce financial resources. Additionally, it serves as the requisite document for the flow of federal funds to the area.

Metropolitan Transportation Planning Process regulations require Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) to update their long range transportation plan every five years. The current Corvallis Area Metropolitan Transportation Plan was adopted on March 30, 2017 by the CAMPO Policy Board.

Draft Regional Transportation Plan is ready for review
Materials and Related Links

It is a goal of CAMPO to provide for maximum public participation in its transportation planning activities. The Bulletin Board below is one of the many means of providing input into the updating of the Regional Transportation Plan. Please note that your comments are considered public input and are displayed to others.