CAMPO TIP Amendment Request

Good afternoon CAMPO TAC,


We have a time-sensitive STIP amendment that we are seeking approval for. CAMPO’s annual workplan, known as the UPWP has a funding amount that has changed and because it is a significant change it requires review by the TAC. You have already approved the workplan so this is mostly an administrative action.

You can find details attached—the amendment seeks to increase the total project amount to $306,175.86, an increase of approximately $90,000. The significant increase is due to prior conversative estimates and updates from the new federal transportation bill. Again—you all have already reviewed and approved the workplan at the amount of $306,175.86.


If you have any concerns, please raise them by 12 PM on Friday, otherwise we will consider this approved. We will also post this on our website.


Please Click HERE for the Amendment PDF



Thank you,



Nick Meltzer (he/him)

Cascades West Transportation Manager


LB Loop | Cascades West TO

O: 541-758-1911

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