Efficient truck movement plays a vital role in the economical movement of raw materials and finished products. Whether it is carrying goods from Oregon manufacturers, farmers and other producers to markets, or delivering goods to homes and workplaces, the movement of freight supports the daily functioning of the region’s businesses and residents.

The designation of through truck routes and designs that accommodate larger vehicles provide for this efficient movement while maintaining neighborhood livability, public safety, and minimizing maintenance costs of the roadway system. Within the Corvallis metropolitan area, US 20/OR 34, OR 99W, and OR 34 are classified as both Oregon Freight Routes and National Highway System (NHS) Routes, while US 20 is classified as a NHS route. Heavy vehicles account for approximately three percent of the traffic on US 20-OR 34 and OR 99W, four percent of the traffic on OR 34, and one percent of the traffic on US 20 through Corvallis during an average weekday.

With respect to freight, CAMPO seeks to support projects and policy which provide for the safe, convenient and efficient movement of people and goods throughout the Corvallis metropolitan area and surrounding area.

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