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RTP Virtual Open House

The Corvallis Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO) is hosting two virtual open house sessions on Monday, October 25 (11:30am, and 5:00pm) discussing the ongoing update to the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP). Each one hour open house will include a presentation on the future scenarios analysis as well as a question and answer session.

How to Register

  • Register for the 11:30am open house session by clicking Here
  • Register for the 5:00pm open house session by clicking Here

RTP open house Informational Flyer (click to view)

What is the Regional Transportation Plan?

The purpose of the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) is to identify how the Corvallis Metropolitan Area will meet the needs of the transportation system over a 20-year planning horizon. The RTP contains projects and policies to guide the development of a multi-modal transportation system (including transit, highway, bicycle, pedestrian, and accessible transportation) which meets the region’s economic, transportation, development and sustainability goals, while remaining fiscally constrained.

Development and adoption of an RTP is required to ensure that the Corvallis metropolitan area remains eligible to receive federal transportation funding. Federal rules requiring completion and adoption of the Plan include the federal transportation act Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) and the U.S. Clean Air Act amendments of 1990. The CAMPO RTP meets the requirements of 49 USC 5303(i) and serves as the requisite document for the flow of federal funds to the area.

Current Regional Transportation Plan

How to Get Involved

  • Subscribe to the CAMPO email list for RTP news and updates by emailing
  • Watch video from July 20 open house (see below)
  • Attend an upcoming open house or community engagement event (details will be posted here when future events are scheduled)
  • Attend an upcoming Policy Board or Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) meeting
  • Contact CAMPO staff with comments and questions

Virtual Open House Video Recording (July 20 )

See Project Documents section below for presentation slides

Project Library

RTP Goals and Metrics Materials

Open House Slides

Project Background

Corvallis Albany Lebanon Model (CALM)

As a small MPO, CAMPO uses a Travel Demand Model developed and managed by the Oregon Department of Transportation’s (ODOT) Transportation Planning and Analysis Unit (TPAU). CAMPO reviews data to make sure it accurately reflects what’s on the ground and provides feedback on model assumptions. TPAU handles direct editing and modifications to the model.

The Corvallis Albany Lebanon Model (CALM) is a four step demand model which was developed using Portland Metro’s regional model as a template. CALM also has a University overlay to account for unique land use and travel patterns on and around the OSU campus.

TPAU and CAMPO are currently in the process of updating CALM to use 2019 American Community Survey data and incorporate other changes which have taken place since the last update.

CALM Brochure FINAL Print View Page 1

CALM Brochure (click to view)