Regional Transportation Plan


The purpose of the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) is to identify how the Corvallis Metropolitan Area will meet the needs of the transportation system over a 20-year planning horizon. The RTP contains projects and policies to guide the development of a multi-modal transportation system (including transit, highway, bicycle, pedestrian, and accessible transportation) which meets the region’s economic, transportation, development and sustainability goals, while remaining fiscally constrained.

Development and adoption of an RTP is required to ensure that the Corvallis metropolitan area remains eligible to receive federal transportation funding. Federal rules requiring completion and adoption of the Plan include the federal transportation act Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) and the U.S. Clean Air Act amendments of 1990. The CAMPO RTP meets the requirements of 49 USC 5303(i) and serves as the requisite document for the flow of federal funds to the area.