CAMPO Requesting Public Comments on Two STIP Amendments

From October 12 – October 26, 2023, the Corvallis Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO) requests public input on two amendments to the Federal Fiscal Year (FFY) 2024-27 Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP). The following changes will be made to the FFY2024-27 STIP:


K22493: Corvallis to Albany Multiuse Path Planning Study (Amendment Number 24-27-0060)


  • Project Description: Plan and design the Corvallis to Albany shared use path along US20 between Merloy Avenue and Scenic Drive, totaling approximately 4.5 miles. The path will improve access and safety for people walking and bicycling between Albany and Corvallis and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by providing an alternative to driving between these communities.
  • Amendment Description: Add project to 24-27 STIP
  • Amendment Cost: $1,200,000


K22724: OR99W: (3rd St and 4th St) at Western Blvd (Corvallis)


  • Project Description: Complete design to rebuild signals and repair of curb ramps across the state to meet compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards.
  • Amendment Description: Add additional location for same work to be done on 4th St and Western Blvd and add funds to engineering phase.
  • Amendment Cost: $127,234


If no comments from the public are received, The CAMPO Policy Board has provided conditional approval for these amendments during their October 11th, 2023, meeting. The Policy Board will review public comment (if received) during their November 8th meeting. Meeting details and recordings are available on CAMPO’s website.


Instructions for submitting public comment:

Please provide comments to Corum Ketchum via email at, or in writing to CAMPO; 1400 Queen Avenue SE, Suite 205; Albany, OR 97322. Comments can also be made by calling 541-223-7040. The comment period will remain open until 5:00 PM (PST) October 26.


Additional materials:

Memo STIP Amendments_10.11.23

Project Summary (K22493)

Project Summary (K22724)

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